Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful christmas day!!! Mine was so lovely 🙂

Not a cloud in the sky, great people and great food!

Pretty huh? This is out at my bf’s house in Coatesville. Its a gorgeous rural suburb just out of town. Such a good getaway from the city.

I started off at home and opened presents with my mum and step-dad, then Mum and I headed round to dads (he lives in the street parallel to ours) for lunch with my two little brothers, Nana oh and my bf came over. . Then my boyfriend and I headed out to his parents for a second lunch. Was SUCH a great day!!!

When i saw this skirt i knew i had to have it for christmas day, I just realised that you cant really see the skirt/shoes in these shots. I will do some closer shots next time i think aha, still getting used to this blogging thing

Sharing some christmas photos; this is my Nana, my oldest little bro with his back to us, my little brother stretching and my lovely boyfriend.

Phoebe is 13 years old and still acts like a kitten. We were all sitting under the plum tree having a few drinks and she jumps onto the table and sprawls herself out. Loves being the centre of attention, and loves the mouse toy and the ribbon. She was throwing that thing round without a thought for our wine glasses!

Anyway, hope everyone had a very happy christmas!

wearing: karen walker sunglasses, witchery tshirt, topshop skirt and decjuba wedges

OH and does anyone have any good book reccommendations? Heading to the Rakino island in a few days (theres no shop or nething out there, its fabulous for saving!) and i need some books to read on the beach 🙂


first swim of summer!


wearing Karen Walker sunglasses, dress my friend gave me from her mums shop, Oroton handbag and havianas

Today was so good to finally have a break from the retail christmas rush and just chill out in the sun. Not too dressed up today obviously. A couple of my friends came over, we walked round the corner to visit my dad and talk in the sun. Then down to devo for sushi. And I successfully taught my dad how to add photos onto facebook. To end the day Lauren and I headed down to Narrowneck to lie on the beach and swim. First swim of the summer, was a bit chilly I must say! Always takes me so long to dive under!

Im so lucky this beach is litterally 2mins walk from my house! I couldnt imagine not being able to walk to the beach!! That big island is Rangitoto, its a huge volcano, worth a climb for the view. The islands are so beautiful in the Hauraki Gulf!

Hope everyone else is having a great week! I CANT WAIT till xmas day! x

eleven more sleeps

Wearing vintage Levis, vintage belt, Karen Walker sunglasses, black havianas and I made the top 🙂

I must admit that I dont wear heels everyday, I tried too, I really did. And i love them. But i dont wear them everyday, here are my reasons:

  • Everyday during semester i have to walk up queen street. If I wore heels i would have to catch an earlier ferry. And i really like my sleep.
  • Most of my days arent too glamourous. Today I slept in, went to the gym then ruined my efforts by having french fries and aoili and a coke. I dont need to trot around in heels, it looks stupid. And when I see people doing it I think it looks way odd. NZ is pretty relaxed. I mean its different if im going out, but yea

2 reasons…not so epic.

Oh my christmas day skirt arrived today!!! I get so excited when i look out my window and see a grey package waiting in my letterbox!!! I love you topshop

Hope everyone is enjoying the good weather! I cant wait for christmas and new years!!!!

lola bunny

It has been quite a sunny day in Auckland today, finished a bit of christmas shopping, planned to go to the gym (didn’t) and hung out with the bunny. She has a little harness attatched a long rope so she can run around in the backyard. Id like to let her run without it, but its just so i can grab her if a dog manages to scale the fence etc.

He has alot of character and is really funny to watch frolick around

Cleaning his little face

Lola didnt like the fact that the flowers were bigger than him so he started cutting them all down

Not much of fashion post here, but who doesnt love bunnies.

Out of curiousity, i am wearing vintage levi cut offs, bfs baggy white v neck tee and a oatmeal vintage cardie. i actually got stopped by an old lady in devonport commenting on how we must shop in the same shop aha…go the cardigan..matching an 80 year old!

edit: i just read over this post and realised how i interchanged my bunnies gender.

I bought Lola as a little girl on easter sunday. My friends joked about me naming my bunny after the transvestite in the kinks song lola, i explained that she was named after bugs bunny’s girlfriend. duh. One day, whilst patting lola’s tummy, i noticed some bits that didnt belong to little girls. I laughed so hard, after defended my name choice for months, low and behold…lola is indeed a dude in disguise.

This indeed explained Lola’s territorial nature against men, bitting my boyfriends foot and growling whenever he came into my room. So funny to watch a bunny try to attack a man.

But anyway, in the end gender is just a social construction to organise our lives, and i hope this social construct isnt effecting my bunny…otherwise she will have massive gender issues aha

Christmas list

I love christmas!

  • Signing my friends up for prank santa calls (www.santacall.co.nz)
  • Hunting around to find the biggest and best christmas tree of the bunch
  • Pohutukawas
  • Wrapping presents
  • Buying presents
  • The christmas rush of newmarket….not so much

Neway i thought I would put together a little christmas list

1. I know im getting it from the bf, but I am going to list anyway

karen walker owl ring: i love you


I love the smell SOO much! Its prob one of my favourites. My all time fav is Chanel Coco Madamoiselle, but i cant have that one 😦   I cant believe when i was like 13 my neighbours bought it back from paris for me. I used it like impulse at school…the teachers (everyone recognises that scent…lets be honest) must have thought it was insane. There i was 3rd form…chanel. Unfortunitly, as ive gotten older it has started to give me the WORST migraines! I have tried it a few times in smith and caughey’s trying to prove my body wrong. but everytime it kills me. Anyway, i ussually wear viktor and rolf flower bomb, but i think this will be alot lighter scent for summer.


i need a new beach towell…my one is manky as and i think has scooby doo on it? class. This will be perfect for those days at Te Ari when you have to keep your eye on your towell for positioning so you dont move with the currents. Get my drift. ha.


 thats it 🙂

last night

Just went to a 21st last night. Was supposed to be ‘cocktail’ but whatever.

I just finished the book i was reading. Am still in shock by the ending, I keep trying not to think about it it had me so upset aha. Over emotional. But i seriously reccomend reading Paulina Simons novel The Bronze Horseman. Its set in Leningrad in Russia during the second world war. Whoah..its amazing what some people lived through and physically could live through.

Wearing Christopher Kane for Topshop Tee, Lara Parker Motorcycle Bomber Jacket, Topshop Sequin Skirt and Decjuba pumps

beautiful day

The sea is SO blue today. This is the view from my house 🙂 Auckland is having a beautiful day

I havent had a very productive day. But who said summer should be productive.

I supervised bunny playtime, had ice tea in the village and am now off to a kickboxing class at the gym 🙂 working on that summer bod!