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last night

Just went to a 21st last night. Was supposed to be ‘cocktail’ but whatever.

I just finished the book i was reading. Am still in shock by the ending, I keep trying not to think about it it had me so upset aha. Over emotional. But i seriously reccomend reading Paulina Simons novel The Bronze Horseman. Its set in Leningrad in Russia during the second world war. Whoah..its amazing what some people lived through and physically could live through.

Wearing Christopher Kane for Topshop Tee, Lara Parker Motorcycle Bomber Jacket, Topshop Sequin Skirt and Decjuba pumps


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beautiful day

The sea is SO blue today. This is the view from my house 🙂 Auckland is having a beautiful day

I havent had a very productive day. But who said summer should be productive.

I supervised bunny playtime, had ice tea in the village and am now off to a kickboxing class at the gym 🙂 working on that summer bod!

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strike 1

Okay, so I have covered my face in the second shot. Honestly, its because of my eyebrows. They need to be darker and it looks plain silly.

Wearing: Vintage charcoal blazer, Topshop vest, Vintage belt, Supre skirt and Robert Robert heels.

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monster in my closet


i got one! i took the dive and decided to screw my past perceptions of crewnecks and lay some cash down for my own monster. My Nana doesnt like it.

So ive FINALLY moved house! and i have a closet, and its is quite big. Not Carrie Bradshaw big but pretty reasonable. I even have a separate cupboard for shoes. It is fabulous!

So i thought id post some things i like from my new room… starting with my baby..61

this is #61, as lame as it is all my bags have names. You get that from working in a handbag store, as they all have names in store, mine get personified…this has moved to my family : “get belinda off the table” etc. (Belinda is the big tan one in the wardrobe shots. Number 61 is 61/100 and is oroton limited edition. I love her. Oh and for the record i never where any of those scarves.


bit of a mottle.


i LOVE this book. ive wanted it forever, and my wonderful friends got it for me! along with an amazing selection of devonport chocolates…amazing.


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