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Clean closet

I have SO many clothes! Im a hoarder. I NEVER throw anything out. But ive decided to change my bad habits.

Although, they do come in handy when a aptly themed party arrives… im just sick of the clutter!

So slowly im going clear it out, and get new stuff in

First stop, Lara Parker, i will be in there tomorrow eftpos card in hand

Next Witchery, there’s a jumpsuit in there that is made for me. ah. That will be next week!

I love my wide ranging wardrobe, bursting with crochet and lace goodness. But ive been reinventing alot of my vintage since i was literally 15, its all kinda boring now. I have wayy to many clothes. 3 sets of draws, a wardrobe and all in constant rotation, i have to rely on those that are waiting to be washed, in the wash and clean and waiting to be put away. So trademe is the answer!

I will start posting pics soon of outfits etc. I wanna post things im really happy with wearing, but everything is a bit bleh. So it will wait.

But in the mean time…christopher kane for topship launching tommorow. I really want one of those croc tees, but screw crew-neck necklines, if only they suited me. the world would be a hell of alot easier to live in


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