HEY so ive started a new blog with a friend of mine!

so catch me there – http://www.letsplaydressups.blogspot.com


Sorry for the long absence, I’m back again!!!

Yesterday my Mum, my friend Sarah and I headed up to Matakana Farmers markets then onto my Aunts farm for some wild blackberry picking.

When i got to Matakana i realised id left my memory card in my laptop, and my stupid little camera had only one shot for internal memory!!! Grr! So i have one outfit picture ha!

wearing Topshop dress, Freshwater pearl necklace, Oroton belt cuff, vintage cuff, Oroton bag and Karen Walker sunglasses.

To give you an idea of what we collected, here is a picture of the harvest from 2 weeks ago. There were WAY more this time!

Also hope everyone had a great St Pats day!!! Ha i sure did!


Sorry i havent posted in WEEKS! I’m going through some hard times at the moment, so im not really posting alot. BUT ive just got back from my FAVOURITE place in the world. So ill post some holiday snaps!!

We were going between Doubtless Bay and Kaeo. 298km from home, to be exact.


View from our deck. Not very dressed up (bare feet! = holiday). Topshop vest, vintage lee shorts. SO happy to fit these shorts again, havent fit them for 2years!!!

Dinner! These are called TuaTua, we collected them from down the beach

View from far end of beach towards bach

The beach in front of our house

And just to gloat, i came away the pool champion at the end of the holiday! ha!


Colour always lifts my mood, but its SO hard trying to take photos of myself!

Phoebe is a bit of a poser aha

This skirt is the first thing I’ve bought from Supre in YEARS. and will be the last for years too. the quality is infuriating. The elastic waistband twists around and argh.

wearing Max Tshirt, Supre skirt, vintage belt, karen walker sunglasses, diva rings

a wednesday

Sorry for lack of outfit posts lately, I have been obviously dressing myself, but im not quite in the habit of asking people to take pictures everywhere i go. Im getting there though!!! Dont give up on me yet!

Have had a hard last couple of days, I’ve watched the sex and the city movie on repeat. Nothing cheers me up like Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. Well almost nothing.

I decided i should probably give sex and the city a break, and so my friend Katherine and I went down to Devonport for a few drinks.

After so much sex and the city, i had to have a cosmo!

Look yum? i havent eaten sugar in almost a month! I can now fit these tiny shorts i wore 2years ago, CRAZY! I couldnt resist this when i saw it delivered to the table next to us. I ate less than half though, which is crazy for the sweet tooth bec of a month ago!!

Afterwards we went up Mount Victoria to chat, its cool sitting there and just watching the boats and that. That is Auckland City behind me.

This is the Hauraki Gulf. With Rangitoto behind me, Rangitoto last erupted 400 years ago. And is the youngest of the 49 volcanoes located 20km from Auckland city centre.

wearing Vintage Levis, top i made myself (underneath), vintage wool vest, Karen Walker Sunglasses, Lara Parker Motorcycle Jacket, Diva rings and necklace and Oroton ballet flats

ive been listening to LOTS of Taylor Swift lately. I love this song


Today my friend Sarah and I headed out to Tawharanui beach for a beach day. Tawharanui is a regional park about an hour and a half ishh from my house. Its BEAUTIFUL! its a park so its very much untouched, its also a marine reserve…so you cant fish/collect shellfish there. Its truely gorgeous

wearing Karen Walker sunglasses and Victorias Secret bikini

this is the gap between the two sides of the beach

The water is SO clear

walking on water whoah

my gorgeous friend Sarah! Practically looks tropical, was an AMAZING day!

and a few shots from the drive home…



$30 water taxi takes me… from my home to…


Permanant population = 11

Shop= zero

Stuck on an island with all my friends till the 6th.

If I dont come back, we ran outta food 😉

Happy new year